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It’s as simple as completing the following steps.

All of which is online – 100% remote and contactless.

Initial Reservation

1. Share Your Contact Info

Full Name: Who will rent the unit?
Email: Where should we send the rental agreement and payment request?
Phone Number: What’s the best number for following up with you?

2. Confirm Move-In Date

When do you want to start renting?

3. Confirm Unit Size

What size unit do you want to rent?

4. Decide if You want to Buy a Lock or Use Your Own

You can buy a combo lock for $15.

Account Setup

5. Text or Email a Picture of Your Driver’s License or ID Card

You can text or email it to us.

6. Text or Email a Picture of a Recent Pay Stub

We require proof of income. A pay stub works, or a letter/email of other sources of income.

7. Complete a Short Online Video Series

Watch a short video series explaining how things work. You’ll create a free account so we can verify you watched it. The videos are at:

8. Sign the Rental Agreement

We’ll email you the rental agreement via DocuSign. We’ll also ask for your mailing address at this time.

9. Send Deposit & First Payment

We’ll email you an invoice using Doorloop. We accept bank transfers and all major credit cards. If you want to set up automatic payments, you can do that too.


10. Receive Lock Combination and Map

We’ll text you the combo and a map with an arrow pointing to your unit. If you choose to use your own lock, attach our lock to the lock bar (shown on the map).

Questions? Contact us at any time

Know what you want? Reserve a unit and we'll contact you to get started.

Locally Owned and Operated

Furlo Family

J & J Mini-Storage is owned by Furlo Family Homes. We love that we get to make the world a better place by providing clean and safe places for people. We are very grateful for the people who choose to rent from us.

We believe that renters are smart, capable people looking for a nice place to store their items. We strive to provide that. Our goal is to keep our properties well maintained, and communicate regularly. Part of our philosophy is to be open and honest with everyone because we find people make smarter decisions when they know more about their situation, and it’s simply the right thing to do.

James enjoys following the latest tech trends and Jessi enjoys creating art using objects found in and around where we live.